Life has become way too tricky for me on 2014 #prayforme

Ready to hit the road… #easter #family #timeistooshort #ballymenahi #farmertown

Happy Birthday to meeee!… made it another year to the date of my birth  #grateful #ithankGod #nineteenyearsold #hashtagsaretiring

When yah parents talking to they friends and you ready to go.


Thomas Kneubühler.

Electric Mountains, 2009 


this gave me chills

its okay, im used to it.

the saddest thing you can ever hear (via thewonderdick)


My pet bird is basically a pet dog with wings…. #BreakfastProblems

twerk, miley, miley, twerk


twerk, miley, miley, twerk


huh… this person came into my life, seemed genuine and things were going well and all within one week they’ve cut me out. Those actions left me all so confused. I can’t stop thinking about it, trying to move past it.

Do you ever need a good laugh with someone? To feel better, just to get over that little petty thing that got you down. I should not be down r/n because, it is for all of the wrong reasons. I should not.

Drunkards came to see me play @ the #yolo cu event.

Seeing who Jesus be through the gospel of Luke! #yoloweek #napiercu #askingdifficultquestions

Nobody cant tell me any different. My jam right now